Early childhood is a time for nurturing and growing and at Garden Friends; we aim to fulfill all your child's needs. We believe that children are unique and beautiful in their own special way. In order to care for your precious seeds, we offer activities that will enhance their learning while offering care that only a parent can value. Through our constant encouragement, we build your child's self-esteem and with positive reinforcement, we will help your child develop their motor and verbal skills. Our main focus is making friends! Friendships show us how to share, love, and care for one another and through our daily socialization, friends begin to care for friends.

The following goals guide our program & curriculum:

Physical Development has a predetermined sequence and proceeds at a rate that is individual to each child. The rate of a child's growth may be enhanced or slowed by the environment to which your child is exposed and also by the extent of development-facilitative skills possessed by the adults who influence your child's life. We aim to support all of your child's physical needs beginning with the ability to walk and strive for advanced capabilities such as building, drawing, & running.

Most toddlers are at the senseorimotor or preoperational stage of cognitive development. In the senseorimotor stage, a toddler primarily bases all experiences on their own perceptions, derived from their own concrete experiences. Understanding someone else's point of view is not so easy. In the preoperational stage, new characteristics develop. Understanding the reasoning of feelings of others may be difficult or even impossible and children may project the same feeling to inanimate objects. For this reason, children may believe everything they hear in stories or movies. Through this understanding we can relate to your child's feeling of confusion, anger, and fear as they grow through these stages. In understanding their feelings we hope to facilitate their transitions through these stages by helping them to inquire why, how, and when things happen. The key to understanding is questioning and at Garden Friends, no question goes unanswered and no feeling is ignored.

One development that proceeds at a very rapid pace during toddler's years is language and communication skills. When language skills are first developed a child's vocabulary may consist of ten words. As they develop, the vocabulary will build as well as their communication skills. It is not unusual today for children who have had exposure to articulate parents, television and movies and a positive preschool experience to have a high degree of skill with language. For our friends, we incorporate many elements such as songs, television, stories, and general communication between our friends and their teachers to enhance their language skills so that your child's vocabulary will continue at the rapid pace begun at the end of their first year.

According to psychoanalyst the toddler period in terms of growth consists of two crucial social-emotional skills autonomy and initiative. As children begin to develop self-help skills such as feeding, dressing, and toileting they need encouragement and support of the adults in their lives. At the time your child will enter Garden Friends they will experience separation anxiety and they will not be interested in many other aspects of life but finding their way back to their parents, not even other children will be of much interest. As their social development changes we will nurture their various emotions so that your child will feel comfortable with everyone, as well as focusing on making friendships. In order to develop these emotions we encourage children to choose their actions in order to gain independence. Children are able to choose areas of play, arts & crafts, discipline, toilet training, and dressing & undressing.